MARCH 21, 2015

To kickstart summer this year, me along with my De La Salle University (DLSU) friends decided to take a trip from Manila to Pampanga, a province in the Central Luzon region here in the Philippines. It usually takes two to three hours of land travel from Manila depending on the traffic situation (which is probably the worst here in MNL I should say).

Our main itinerary for this trip was to try one of the famous attractions in the said province, Sandbox. It is located at Alviera, Porac, Pampanga which features a full stretch of outdoor activities for all ages.

SandBox at Alviera is a unique getaway for families that redefines outdoor adventure and fun. It features a full stretch of exciting attractions that will surely make everyone appreciate the outdoors. Everyone in the family has something to do here from playground for the toddlers to Mini Golf for the grandparents! With a mountain range along the horizon and the surrounding wide plains, SandBox is definitely the place for family outdoor fun!

Source: Alviera

The Sandbox Crew

This huge Sandbox pop-up placed at the entrance of the recreational park is a big hit to everyone for photo-ops. Of course we didn’t miss the chance to have our own photos taken here. It literally took us an hour before we decided we had so much pictures taken already.

Fighting about what pose to do with my very annoying boyfriend.


(I just realized while looking for photos to post here that we had 50+ shots ONLY in this spot. Haha!)

Like I said earlier, Sandbox offers different outdoor activities for all ages. Rates & packages for the rides are placed below for reference. Please take note that these rates might change in the future; this is as of October 2015.


As for me, all of my friends definitely know how much I hate extreme rides because of my fear of heights. But for the sake of trying something new for experience, I was forced by my boyfriend, Josh to try at least one attraction in Sandbox. We decided to take the Giant Swing together and it was nerve-wrecking. I’m supposed to share the video here but my face was so hilarious so nevermind. Maybe next time.

The Giant Swing – country’s tallest swing which moves you back and forth at 10-meter height above the ground.
Those smiles are deceiving. I literally cried after the ride.


Another attraction in Sandbox is the Aerial Walk Challenge. It is a high rope course of nets and rope walkways that can be fulfilled by tourists/visitors within 30 minutes (… or more, if you’re too scared to take the next step).

Aerial Walk Challenge
Aerial Walk Challenge

On the other hand, the Avatar One is the first roller coaster zipline in the Philippines. Its length is 180 meters and 12 meters high. Beside this is another attraction, the Adventure Tower. It is a 5-storey structure that allows guests to rappel, wall climb, jump off for the free fall, or jump off for the roller coaster zipline & the view deck.

Avatar One & Adventure Tower
Avatar One & Adventure Tower

Unfortunately, we were not able to see the other attractions such as the ATV and mini-ATV rides and the Outdoor Archery because it started to rain and strong winds were starting to ruin our trip. You could check out the official website of Sandbox at Alviera for more details.


  1. Bring all the protection you can think against sunlight! Cap, sunglasses, sunblock… name it all. The scorching heat will kill you with all the extreme adventures you will be doing in Sandbox.
  2. Wear your most comfortable clothes to be able to move with ease. Don’t forget to bring extra hand towel and clothes in case things get messy.
  3. Food and drinks are not allowed inside the premises of Sandbox, although you may leave everything in the car. Food prices in Sandbox are pretty much affordable but it’s still best to pack goods in case their stocks run out.
  4. Bring rubber shoes and/or sandals since some attractions require specific footwear.
  5. Avoid going to Sandbox during weekends and/or holidays because the place will definitely be jam-packed. Or if your schedule is really hectic, just come early to enjoy your stay and for you to be able to try all attractions.

Schedule & Contact Details:

  • Address: Alviera, Porac Municipality, Pampanga (Take the Porac Access Road from NLEX-SCTEX)
  • Operating Hours: Tuesdays – Sundays; 9AM – 5PM
  • For inquiries, e-mail
  • Contact numbers: 09178033099 / (045) 4320014
  • Website:

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